Hayley Barnard

Managing Partner, MIX Diversity Developers

HHayley in Arctic gear landscape (1 of 1) copyayley is a prominent keynote speaker and consultant to a number of FTSE100 Boards. She is a subject matter expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Gender Equality and Inclusive Leadership. Always on the look-out for innovative ways to communicate about these issues, Hayley recently led a team of business women on an expedition across the Arctic Circle to challenge gender stereotypes. When not at work she can usually be found in the nearest stretch of open water. Hayley has been selected to swim in the Around Manhattan 45km Race in August 2018 and is also training to swim the English Channel without a wetsuit. After that she says she will be looking for a warmer challenge!


Wendy Bray

Associate Priest, All Saints Clifton

Wendy Bray is Associate Priest at All Saints, Clifton in WB01Bristol. She is married to Paul, a priest and academic, and has two adult children. Prior to ordination she was an author, freelance writer and journalist and before that, a teacher.
Wendy is living with terminal breast cancer which inevitably shapes her world view and her understanding of each of as uniquely made in the image of God and whose life stories are written into a bigger bolder narrative than simply our own.


Lindsay Caplen

Church Consultant, London School for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)

Lindsay is a Church consultant with the London Institute for LC01Contemporary Christianity (LICC), engaging with leaders and networks across the UK with a mix of workshops and training days. She is also a minister in the Eastern Baptist Association and a trustee of BMS world mission. Prior to Baptist ministry, Lindsay established and led projects that addressed the issues surrounding prostitution, homelessness and substance misuse. She also undertook consultancy relating to social cohesion, refugees, racial tensions and urban regeneration. She is passionate about faith, the church, justice issues, trekking and gelato


Gemma Dunning

Baptist Minister, Leytonstone United Free Church

Gemma Dunning is a Baptist minister based in GD01London. With both undergraduate and postgrad studies that focus in applied theology and a JNC in youth work, Gemma is newly ordained, having undertaken her ministerial formation with Bristol Baptist College. Passionate about inclusion in the broadest sense, Gemma is a trustee of Cross Boarder Initiatives, a counter-trafficking initiative. She is also a trustee of Affirm (a UK network of Baptist Christians working together for LGBT+ inclusion) and a member of the Council of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Gemma is mum to two creative and inspiring young adults and loves movies, cupcakes, and craftivism.


Natalie King

Writer and Activist

Natalie KingNatalie King is a creative copywriter working in the branding and advertising industries. Passionate about social justice and seeing the church dismantle oppressive structures, she sits on the committee for Christians At Pride, is an administrator of Race Matters (an 11 thousand strong Facebook group focused on racial justice),  and is in the process of setting up an intersectional diversity network for the creative industries.

She’s an unashamedly black and bisexual Christian woman.