Disabled People and the Post-Covid Church: Exiled, Cast Out or Treated with Special Care?

Covid-19 has impacted us all; there is no question about that. Whether you have suffered with the virus yourself, watched as loved ones suffer and possible die, struggled with the uncertainty and restrictions or been revitalised by the change of pace and space from other people we have all touched. In the early days of … Continue reading Disabled People and the Post-Covid Church: Exiled, Cast Out or Treated with Special Care?

Love. Hate. Run?

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..."Matthew 5:43-44 I'll be honest, I don't really have an enemy. There is no one that I know who I really, genuinely hate. The closest are probably those on the … Continue reading Love. Hate. Run?

Changing Seasons

Less than two weeks ago the final post in our advent series of guest blogs launched into the blogosphere and subsequently we welcomed in the first day of Christmas, yet it seems much longer. I awoke recently to the radio and heard a discussion about whether the 5th or 6th January marks the 12th Day … Continue reading Changing Seasons

Love Abides

Written by Dawn Cole-Savidge Love may abide here I will, to abide in loveNot in loves absence I look a my babies overwhelmed by the love I have, literally overwhelmed. It's almost painful. This time last year my world was changed, I remember feeling terrified, unsure, out of my depth. I've watched them grow over … Continue reading Love Abides


By Matthew Forsyth At the start of my ministry journey at a local church in South London I remember saying at the start of my sermon ‘I am not here for your happiness but for your joy’ The faces of those in the congregation certainly seemed to reflect what is largely misunderstand about happiness vs … Continue reading Joy

Hoped For…

Written by Ashley Cooper Have you bought all your gifts yet? I imagine that more of our Christmas shopping will be done online this year than any other year. The internet is amazing, but I do miss going round the stores searching for that perfect gift. And when it’s for someone really special, we take … Continue reading Hoped For…

Love Your Enemies

Written by Steve Tinning Every Christmas we celebrate that cosmic movement of love. “Love came down at Christmas” we sing (or used to). Acts of love are so stunningly precious – but acts of love for those who all too often don’t reciprocate or even acknowledge that love are quite extraordinary. It’s for this reason, … Continue reading Love Your Enemies


Written by Dave Griffiths Love Love is possibly both an overused and underused word at the same time! In the English language we have one clumsy word for Love and one clumsy word for God. Well, most of the time. Let’s try and be a bit more expressive, shall we? Another way to explain Love... … Continue reading Love


By Chris Duffett Chris Duffett is a Baptist Minister, an Artist, and Founder of The Light College & Collective This post is part of an advent series. Twenty-Four diverse voices have been invited to share some thoughts on one of four themes (Hope, Peace, Joy and Love) each day during the season of Advent. Each contributor has … Continue reading Joy

A Handful of Poems

Written by Deborah Fielding Love We hold glanceswhen we cannot presshands. The weight lifts for atime.~ 23/11/2020 #BeKindKindness is not justa superficial absenceof hatred. It’s L O V E.~ 15/10/2020 My White SkinMy white skin means thatI have never had to thinkabout my white skin. ~ 27/6/2020 InclusivityWe thought an openinvitation was enough.It was not … Continue reading A Handful of Poems