Creative Days

Each day for 50 days (Easter to Pentecost 2020) a different creator (artist, painter, sculptor, poet, song-writer, crafter) produced a new creation in response to the previous days creation. Each creator only saw what they are responding to when it appeared here and had about 24 hours to produce a response.

For more information check out the Rules and enjoy all of the creations

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A Poem and Blessing for Creative Days

Like a child you call us to come
Liek a child you encourage us to be
If we hold the doors of our heart open to you
Childlike, we can be free

Free of the worries that come with our age
Free of expectation, baggae and fear
Lord you draw us into your arms
The minute we, freely, draw near

Peace, like a sleeping babe, be with you
Peace, like a satisfied child, be with you
Peace, like an adult building sandcastle as the tide rolls in,
knowing this moment is all that matters, be with you

Day 50 (31-May-2020): ‘A Poem and Blessing for Creative Days’ by Rebecca Parnaby-Rooke ( / Facebook @dechurching / Twitter @dechurching).
Day 49 (30-May-2020) ‘Untitled’ by Samantha Lacey (
Day 48 (29-May-2020): ‘Prayerful Possibilities’ by Rachel Spence (
Day 47 (28-May-2020): ‘The Carpenter at Work’ by Vanessa Kirby (@beneaththepalebluesky)
If I could walk with you, Touch your skin, Brush my fingers through your beard, Smell your carpenter sweat, Hear your words in my ears. If I could walk with you: Down local paths, Past the goats behind the church; Or walk the Sorrowful Wal; By your side to Emmaus. If I could walk with you Then I might know what it is to love (and be loved by) god.
Day 46 (27-May-2020): ‘To Emmaus’ by Martin Hatfield (
Day 45 (26-May-2020): ‘Serpentine Labyrinth’ by Pippa King (Insta @philippa.king)
Day 44 (25-May-2020): ‘Skin’ by Judith Hicks
Day 43 (24-May-2020): ‘Black and White (and Grey)’ by Jeff Dunn-Rankin (
Day 42 (23-May-2020): ‘Be Patterns, Be Examples…’ by Jane Roberts (
Day 41 (22-May-2020): ‘Life’s Drum Skin’ by Rich Blake-Lobb ( / @abrokenpastor)
Day 40 (21-May-2020): ‘The Painted Drum’ by Jane Deakin (
Day 39 (20-May-2020): ‘Eden Uprising’ by Jo Howie (
Day 38 (19-May-2020): ‘Sophie’s Choice in the Anthropocene’ by Vicky Tyrrell (@TalKootArts /

Day 37 (18-May-2020): ‘One Day I Will Fly (and The dawn Chorus in a Garden in Accra)’ by Jane Abraham

 Day 36 (17-May-2020): ‘In’ by Paul Hicks
 Day 35 (16-May-2020): ‘Raw’ by Amee (MJ) Amïr (
Day 34 (15-May-2020): ‘But What Will Emerge?’ by James Bragg (
Day 33 (14-May-2020): ‘Emerging (Ludwell Valley Park)’ by Clare Bryden ( /
Day 32 (13-May-2020): ‘Open Vulnerability’ by Kathryn Orr (Twitter @RevdMrsOrr)
Text reads: Protection comes to each of us in different ways:
the shade of leaves
the security of savings
the love friends and family
the embrace of a parent
ISOFIX on a car seat...
Deflecting with humour
hiding with facial hair or makeup
*that* distracting slogan on a T-shirt
space to risk
time to fail
recognised potential
Day 31 (12-May-2020): ‘Protection’ by Andy Campbell ( / /
Day 30 (11-May-2020): ‘Green Shelter’ by Nick Walters ( /
Day 29 (10-May-2020): The creator scheduled for today was unable to provide a creation leaving a blank in the chain. Tomorrow’s creator will respond to yesterday’s creation.
 Day 28 (09-May-2020): ‘Sing a New Song’ by Fiona Spicer
Day 27 (08-May-2020): ‘Silence 2.0’ by Richard Coan (
Day 26 (07-May-2020): ‘Refuge’ by Steff Wright (
Day 25 (06-May-2020): ‘Relinquished Assurance’ by Gemma Dunning (Twitter @gemmadunning / Insta @e11rev)
Day 24 (05-May-2020): ‘Truth Unstrung’ by Naomi Welch (
Day 23 (04-May-2020): ‘Spirit and Truth’ by Roberta Mathieson ( /
Day 22 (03-May-2020): ‘Fish (St Peter’s Shanty)’ by Jimmy Orr (
Day 21 (02-May-2020): ‘Pilgrim’s Catch’ by Katie Duxbury ( /
Day 20 (01-May-2020): ‘Journey to Freedom’ by Ginnell Bowden
Day 19 (30-Apr-2020): ‘True North’ by Tim Hewitt (
Day 18 (29-Apr-2020): ‘Boundless Grace’ by Kate Bosman

Day 17 (28-Apr-2020): ‘Sweet Names‘ Arranged by Hannah Land (2020), Words by John Newton (1779), Tune by Thomas Hastings (1837).

Day 16 (27-Apr-2020): ‘Every Cinderella’ by Mike Sherburn (video produced with Lucy and Beth Sherburn)

Day 15 (26-Apr-2020): ‘Not Ok. Where Does My Help Come From?’ by Dani Godden ( / /
Day 14 (25-Apr-2020): ‘OK Together’ by Cheryl Mills
Even the Faintest Beam of Light Can Become a Rainbow
Day 13 (24-Apr-2020): ‘Gently Whispered Hope’ by Wayne Cullum (
Day 12 (23-Apr-2020): ‘Nothing’ by Andy Flannagan ( / / / Album)
Day 10 (21-Apr-2020): ‘Imaginary Landscape’ by Ange Droz
A long time ago I decided to look up. I decided to trust. I decided to follow. Today I decide to look up once again, but as I do the complexity of life, the mysteries, questions and wondering also causes me to look inwards. I decide to stop, I decide to breathe, I decide to rest in the chaos. I decide to embrace the emotion, The confusion, the fear. I decide to take control, whilst in the same space make the decision to acknowledge I have none.
Day 9 (20-Apr-2020): ‘Look Up’ by Hayley Blakeman
Day 8 (19-Apr-2020): ‘Decide’ by Pip Herbert
Day 7 (18-Apr-2020): ‘Gain Your Soul’ by Jenny Spouge, (
Day 6 (17-Apr-2020): ‘Lose Your Soul, but Gain the Whole World!’ by Ian Long (
Day 5 (16-Apr-2020): ‘Rise Up’ by Jo Child
Day 4 (15-Apr-2020): ‘A Chatterbox of Inspiration’ by Jacqueline Searle ( / Twitter @bibleartgifts)
Day 3 (14-Apr-2020): ‘Choose-Your-Own Hope Source’ by Amy F. Brown
hope comes quietly wings a soft susurration of heart secrets I entrust my own and the gentlest messenger departs.
Day 2 (13-Apr-2020): Hope Comes Quietly by Vicky Allen insta: @bringonthejoy / Twitter: @bringonthejoy
Spectrum of Hope
Day 1 (12-Apr-2020): ‘Spectrum of Hope’ by Ailsa and Rosie Toolin


> The Rules

  1. At approximately 7pm each day a new creation was posted here and on the broken church facebook page and twitter.
  2. Someone (pre arranged) will had about 24 hours to produce a response to the previous day’s creation.
  3. The response was be produced and received by the broken church by about 6pm the following day, uploaded here ready for the next person.
  4. All creations had to be free of vulgar imagery and words (challenging our thinking is good, pushing boundaries is fine, but aim for family friendly*).

Creations could take the form of a sketch, painting, song, short film**, story, poem, photograph, knitting, dance, piece of music, crochet or just about anything. Many were produced by a established artists, others an informal crafter. They are all the creators own work with permission to publish.

*The Broken Pastor had the final say and would not publish anything he wouldn’t want his kids to see.

**Any film or video will need to be hosted elsewhere (e.g. YouTube) and a link provided.

Disclaimer: Links to websites, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are made available when provided by the creator. These other sites are not under the control of the Broken Church. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

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