Written by Dave Griffiths


Love is possibly both an overused and underused word at the same time!

In the English language we have one clumsy word for Love and one clumsy word for God. Well, most of the time.

Let’s try and be a bit more expressive, shall we?

Another way to explain Love…

A deep sense of affection and commitment to something or someone?

Emotional heart petrol?

Ultimate motivation?

Gooey safe warm home snuggle cuddle?

Fizzy fun life juice?


And what about God?

Benevolent blissed-out mega being?

Ultimate reality?

Orgasmic organism originator?

Super surreptitious sovereign spirit?

Massive mysterious master maker?

However silly all this sounds, my lived experience is all of the above.

Ultimate reality bestows ultimate motivation on us all. It’s our lust for life; our deepest drive. We seek what is good, beautiful and worthy of love – as best we understand these things.

There’s a mystery to love and God, we can’t really fathom either of these concepts. Words fail us, and they seem too small.

But Christmas is when we remember a little baby born in a backstreet pub garage to a teenage mum and a step dad.

God and Love becomes a person.

It’s all rather far fetched, but also utterly compelling. The whole thing is bonkers – but very beautifully so!

There’s a logic to it. God who is Love becomes a bloke so we can walk with him and talk with him. Get to know him. Get to know what God and Love are like.

It seems though these concepts are so very huge – God/Love wants to be known. 

Dave Griffiths is a Families Minister in an Anglican Parish in Bournemouth and a wannabe rockstar.

This post is part of an advent series. Twenty-Four diverse voices have been invited to share some thoughts on one of four themes (Hope, Peace, Joy and Love) each day during the season of Advent. Each contributor has been given just one theme and no further parameters – they may write as much or as little in the style of their own choosing.

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