Home and Home Sick

Since setting off on the adventure across Zimbabwe I have been looking forward to one thing in particular about getting home. Saturday mornings!

In our house the weekend means we can all snuggle into one bed, pop the telly on and enjoy a mug of coffee or hot chocolate as we wake up slowly. Other mornings involved getting ready for work and school, Sunday is church, and so Saturday is our family day. Whatever else might have been in store for my return home it has been the long wake up on the first Saturday back with family that I have been imagining and rerunning in my minds eye. And, it did not fail to disappoint. Simply being home, with family, is as good as it gets.

Strangely, as the day begins with such a precious moment it is also the day I feel most home sick. I am comfortable, safe, back amongst all my creature comforts and my precious loved ones. Yet I have the feelings of homesickness, a longing to be back in Zimbabwe.

Something has been disturbed within my psyche. The long settled layer of untouched dust covering the dreams of Africa has been whipped up and, like the blowing of dust from an old book, has offered a glimpse at something ignored and almost forgotten. The question is now whether to leave the dust to settle once more or to clear it all away, to brush off the cobwebs and to rediscover, to reimagine, to believe and dream in a possibility of Africa being part of my future, my families future, as my soul yearns for home in a far away land.

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